2022 meeting

2021 meeting
2021 EGU (19-30 April 2021, Virtual)
One EMSEV related session was organized.
NH4.2 EDI Short-term Earthquakes Forecast (StEF) and multi-parametric time-Dependent Assessment of Seismic Hazard (t-DASH).
Convener: V. Tramutoli (EMSEV vice-chair), Co-conveners: P. F. Biagi (EMSEV country liaison), N. Genzano, I. A. Moldovan, D. Stanica (EMSEV country liaison).
EMSEV awarded two researchers for the best young scientist presentation at EGU 2021.

Workshop on Bringing Land, Ocean, Atmosphere and Ionosphere Data to the Community for Hazards Alerts(24-28 May 2021)
Ramesh Singh (EMSEV bureau) enthusiastically organized this meeting with the help of Chapman University, AGU, and NSF. There were 650 participants who attended this workshop.

2021 JpGU (May 30 - June 6, Virtual)
In JpGU2021, M-IS08 Interdisciplinary studies on pre-earthquake processes was organized.
Convener: K. Hattori (EMSEV bureau), Co-conveners: J. Y. Liu (EMSEV secretary, IAGA liaison), D. Ouzounov (EMSEV bureau), Q. Huang (EMSEV bureau, IASPEI liaison).
Joint with: AGU, EGU, AOGS. In the M-IS08 session, 15 oral presentations (including 6 invited talks) and 7 poster presentations were conducted.

2021 Biskek meeting (June 28- July 2, 2021, Virtual)
8th International Symposium on Problems of Geodynamics and Gepecology of Intracontinental Orogens. Organizier: Research Station of Russian Academy of Science.
T. Nagao (EMSEV chair) made a plenary talk. Three EMSEV bureau members joined as the organizing committee.

2021 IAGA-IASPEI (21-27 August 2021, Virtual)
J3 Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling:
Seismo Ionospheric and Electromagnetic anomalies
Conveners: M. S. Bagiya, E. Astafyeva (EMSEV member), Y. Hobara (EMSEV member)
In the J3 session, 17 presentations were made.
S12 CoEGP Interdisciplinary observations of Pre-Earthquake processes:
A new approach towards Earthquake prediction studies
Conveners: D. Ouzounov (EMSEV bureau), S. Pulinets (EMSEV bureau), K. Hattori (EMSEV bureau), P. Taylor (EMSEV member).
The 2021 IAGA/IASPEI S12 CoEGP session was dedicated to the multidisciplinary observations related to earthquakes, and the presented papers helped understand the physical processes preceding earthquakes. During the session, eleven articles were presented: three by Indian and eight by international scientists.
EMSEV awarded three researchers for the best young scientist presentation at IAGA-IASPEI 2021.

2021 CSES (22-25 October 2021, China, Virtual)
During the conference period, 38 presentations were made.
Four EMSEV bureau members contributed the workshop (D. Ouzounov, S. Pulinets, K. Hattori, T. Nagao).

2021 AGU Fall meeting (13-17 December, USA)
Conveners: D. Ouzounov (EMSEV bureau), J. Y. Liu (EMSEV secretary, IAGA liaison), P. Taylor (EMSEV member), L. Conti (EMSEV member)
NH35D: Integrated studies of geospheres coupling associated with pre-earthquake processes, geohazards, and space weather revealed with multi-sensor observation.
We discussed the latest results from cross-disciplinary observations from space and ground measurements associated with earthquakes. It was recognized that satellite technologies provide new opportunities never achieved before to study the geohazards from space.

2020 meeting
EGU, 04-08 May 2020 (Online)
NH4.5: Short-term Earthquakes Forecast (StEF) and multi-parametric time-Dependent Assessment of Seismic Hazard (t-DASH), Co-sponsored by JpGU and EMSEV.Convener: Valerio Tramutoli, Co-conveners: Pier Francesco Biagi, Nicola Genzano, Dimitar Ouzounov, Xuhui Shen.

AOGS, 28 June-04 July 2020 (Online)
ST36: Geospace Observation of Natural Hazards
Conveners: Dimitar Ouzounov, Katsumi Hattori, Xuhui Shen, Yunyue Yu.

JpGU, 12-16 June (Online)
JpGU2020 was originally scheduled in May, however, taking into account the COVID-19 situtation, the meeting was postponed for seven weeks.
M-IS09: Interdisciplinarystudies on pre-earthquake processes, Convenors: K. Hattori, D. Ouzounov, J. Y. Liu, Q. Huang.

AGU Fall meeting, 01-17 Dec. 2020 (Online)
NH005: Integrated Studies of Pre-earthquake Processes, Geohazards, and Space Weather with Multisensor Observations, Conveners: D. Ouzounov, Patrick T Taylor, Livio Conti, Liaisons: J.Y. Liu, K. Hattori.

2019 meeting

AGU 2019 fall meeting (Dec. 9-13, 2019) in San Francisco

The 4th International Workshop of CSES Mission (October 17-20, 2019, Changsha, China)

AOGS 2019 in Singapore will be held from 28 July to 2 Aug. 2019

IUGG 2019 in Montreal will be held from 8 to 18, July 2019

6th Internatonal Workshpop on Earthquake Preparation Process (IWEP6)

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018, April 8-13, 2019, Vienna Austria.

2018 meeting

Dec. 10-14, 2018
AGU fall meeting in Washington, D. C.

EMSEV2018 in Potenza, Italy (Sept. 17-21, 2018)

June 17-22, 2018
The 16th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE2018), Nara, Japan

June 3-8m 2018
AOGS, Honolulu Hawaii, (USA)

5th Internatonal Workshpop on Earthquake Preparation Process (IWEP5)

JpGU-AGU-2018, May 20-24, 2018, Chiba (Japan)

May 12-14, 2018
International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake with the 4th International Conference on Continental earthquakes ( Chengdu, China

April 8-138, 2018.
EGU, Vienna (Austria)

February 4-8, 2018.
AOGS-EGU, New dimension for Natural Hazards in AsiaTagaytay (Philippines)

2017 meeting

May 20-25, 2017
JpGU-AGU Joint meeting in Japan

July 30 -Aug. 4, 2017
IAG-IASPEII in Kobe, Japan

Aug. 14-18, 2017
IAVCEI GA, Portrand, USA

III.2 Geophysical multi-parameters techniques for monitoring active volcanoes.
This session aims at different geophysical monitoring techniques which can be combined and integrated to achieve two major goals: Firstly, the imaging of volcanic source processes from the surface to the deep plumbing system, and secondly, the interpretation of geophysical signals that enable us to assess the state of volcanic activity. We aim to identify geophysical signals that are characteristic in defining background levels, detecting unrest and evaluating ongoing volcanic activity (continue..).

Aug. 29-26, 2017
URSI, Montreal, Canada
(1) Session title (GEH): Seismo Electromagnetics (Lithosphere-Atmosphere- Ionosphere Coupling)
(2) Session title (EFGH): Natural Electromagnetic Noise and Radio Sensing Applications in Terrestrial and Planetary Environments

Past Meeting

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