EMSEV 2012

Scientific Program
(As of September 18)

The way to Gotemba (pdf) from Narita
(detaied explanation from Narita airport to Gotemba resort)

The way to Gotemba (pdf) from Haneda
(detaied explanation from Haneda airport to Gotemba resort)

 Poster size
Maximum poster size is 110cm width x 165cm height

2nd circular
first circular

EMSEV 2012 will be held in Gotemba, Shizuoka, Japan on the
flank of Mt. Fuji. The venue is Gotemba Kogen resort, which
includes hotels, conference halls, many restaurants + hot
springs + many sports facilities.

Furthermore, on site Micro-Brewery will help soothe away
your stress and leave your body and mind refreshed.


Important date and abstract submission

Scientific Sessions

Local organizing committee

Tetsuya Kodama's EMSEV2012 room

History of EMSEV meeting

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