EMSEV 2012

Gotemba Kogen Resort, Gotemba, Japan

October 1-4, 2012

Program and Abstracts (ver. 2012-09-18)

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What is EMSEV 2012 in Japan?

EMSEV is an IUGG Working Group supported by IAGA, IASPEI and IAVCEI. Its focuses are the observation and explanation of the various kinds of electromagnetic phenomena associated with seismic and volcanic activities particularly from a multi-disciplinary point of view. In 2012, we will organize the next biennial symposium "EMSEV 2012" in Central Japan at the beginning of October.


Gotemba Kogen Resort in Gotemba, Japan
~ Gotemba Kogen Resort is ideally located in the valley at the base of beautiful Mt. Fuji. Our pure Hot Springs and on site Micro-Brewery will help soothe away your stress and leave your body and mind refreshed. With excellent accommodation options, restaurants, shops and cafes there is truly something for the whole family to enjoy and all at the base of beautiful, majestic Mt. Fuji. Come, relax and let us help you find the perfect getaway. ~
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The EMSEV registration desk is in the 1st floor of Gotemba Kogen Hotel "B.U"
The meeting room and the poster hall are in the 1st floor of Hotel Brush Up.
They are connected each other at the 1st floor and given #5 in the map
Both hotels are in front of the free shuttle bus stop "Gotemba Kogen Hotel".

Important Deadlines

Abstract Submission: August 1, 2012

Registration: August 20, 2012


The Registration Fee: Free of charge

The Single-Bed Room Charge: 8,000JPY/night including breakfast
(High class twin-bed rooms are also available: 18,000JPY/night/2persons including breakfast)

The Excursion Fee (Mt. Fuji on Oct. 4): Free of charge

The Additional Excursion Fee (NE Japan on Oct. 5): 30,000-35,000JPY/person




Session I:
Electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena associated with active processes: earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, active fault movements, landslides, geothermal activities etc.

Session II:
Electromagnetic imaging based on land and space monitoring techniques

Session III*:
Pre-seismic, co-seismic and post-seismic phenomena related to the Lithosphere-Atmosphere- Ionosphere Coupling using multi-parametric observations to ensure reliable interpretations

Session IV:
Generation mechanisms of electromagnetic signals related to active processes: Theoretical and laboratory studies

Session V:
Seismic, Geodetic and Electromagnetic studies related to the off Tohoku M9 Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011

* The LOC will organize Session III as Oleg Molchanov memorial session. Oleg Molchanov was a pioneer of Seismo-Electromagnetic studies on earthquakes who died in 2011 at the age of 71. After the devastating Kobe EQ in Japan, Science and Technology Agency Japan (STA) initiated the Earthquake Frontier Research Program in 1996. He joined this project with Prof. M. Hayakawa and made great contributions.

All of the posters should be placed on the specified board at the poster hall from 9:00 October 1 to 15:00 October 2. Poster presenters should be in front of their posters during the specified poster core time 1 or 2.

Local Organizing Committee

Honored Chair:
Seiya Uyeda (Japan Academy)

Toshiyasu Nagao (Tokai University)

Tetsuya Kodama (JAXA)
Akihiro Takeuchi (Tokai University)

Committee Members:
Masashi Hayakawa (UEC Tokyo)
Katsumi Hattori (Chiba University)
Yoichi Sasai (Tokai University)
Yasuhide Hobara (UEC Tokyo)
Masashi Kamogawa (Tokyo Gakugei University)

Special Thanks for Their Support:
Menchie Monticello
Chiaki Tsurudome (Tokyo Gakugei University)
Yuko Sugiura (Tokyo Gakugei University)


Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences
Tokyo Club
Tokai University