EMSEV 2004 Annual Report

pdf (87kB)

2004 Annual Report of Inter-Association
(IAGA/IASPEI/IAVCEI) Working Group of
Electromagnetic Studies on Earthquakes and Volcanoes

by Seiya Uyeda, Malcolm Johnston and Jacques Zlotnicki

1) Introduction
2) Membership
3) Activity in 2004
3-1) Workshop MEEMSV-2004 and Third EMSEV Business Meeting:
September 5-9, Agelonde, La Londe les Maures, France.
3-2) Asian Seismological Commission and Mini- EMSEV Business Meeting:
October 18-21, Yerevan, Armenia.
3-3) IAVCEI General Assembly:
Symposia, November 14-16, Pucon, Chile
3-4) Inter-Association Initiative activity: Volcano Taal investigation
January 6-16, Manila and Taal volcano
3-5) Financial Report 2004