EMSEV2016 in Lanzhou

Minutes of EMSEV business meeting in Lanzhou 

Lanzhou website

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes from Lithosphere to Space

EMSEV 2016 will be held in Lanzhou, China. This WS consists of two
parts. The first one is The pre-workshop will be held in Beijing
during August 23-25 and hosted by the Institute of Crustal
Dynamics (ICD), CEA. It will be devoted to Chinese satellite mission and
electromagnetic observations.

 The main workshop will be held in Lanzhou during August 25-29, 2016,
and will be hosted by Lanzhou Institute of Seismology (LIS) and
the Institute of Crustal Dynamics (ICD), CEA. It will emphasize on
understanding earthquakes and volcanoes from lithosphere to space.
Lanzhou City is the capital of Gansu Province in the Western China.

1st circular (pdf)