EMSEV collaborator

Active scientists working in Natural Hazards in any related field of research
whose expertise's does not primarily belong in the EM field but who are
interested in, and wish to contribute to development of new
geophysical knowledge.

They are interested in participating in EMSEV activities, including contributing
to analysis of observations and understanding of physical
processes from their different perspectives.

Vladimir G. Kossobokov
Institute of Earthquake Prediction Theory and Mathematical Geophysics,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation
Email: volodya @ mitp.ru
Vice President, IUGG GeoRisk Commission
(IUGG Commission on Geophysical Risk and Sustainability)

Alain Bernard
Laboratoire de Volcanologie,
Dept. Earth and Environmental Sciences CP160/02
Universite' Libre de Bruxelles
50, Ave. Roosevelt 1050 Brussels Belgium
Email: abernard @ ulb.ac.be
In charge of "Commission of Volcanic Lakes" (IAVCEI)